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Coming Soon! Dangerous Space Jail

I am happy to announce that Encoded Designs’ first publication is heading into the final phase of production.  Dangerous Space Jail is a Dungeon World adventure which can be used as a one-shot or part of a new or existing campaign.

From the back text…

After a successful adventure in the Goblin Badlands, the heroes retire to the town of Meridor to rest and recreate. The party is cut short when the heroes are roused out of bed  in the wee hours of the morning by the Mayor. A floating fortress has appeared, over the town square, the likes of which have never been seen before.  The fortress is motionless, save for the curls of black smoke rising off of the battlements. There are faint sounds of battle coming from above. Why is it here? What is its purpose? What is inside? The townsfolk are scared, and the Mayor needs someone to find out what is going on. There will be time later for ale and merriment, because the Dangerous Space Jail awaits.

This book contains a full adventure for use with the Dungeon World game, as well as ample GMing advice on running the adventure, integrating it into your campaign, and hacking the mechanics of the adventure to fit your gaming style. Included are several new creatures, a countdown mechanic, and several dungeon moves designed to create a level of tension and excitement during the adventure.

Dangerous Space Jail is currently in layout, with all text and artwork complete.  While Chris works on the layout. We thought you might enjoy the cover, which was illustrated by the incredible Matt Morrow.

DSJ Cover

We are expecting the PDF to be available in early June. This will be a PDF-only product.  In the next few weeks, I will talk more about the adventure and the GMing advice as well as talk bout the artists who worked on the project. You can keep track of our progress by following us on Facebook, G+, or Twitter.

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