Welcome to Rockerboys and Vending Machines!

You are a group of operatives in Neon City. You take shadowy jobs that the corporations cannot do themselves. Your leader Dar-C has been infected with a strange techno-virus which has shut down his implants and left him unconscious, leaving you to take the next job by yourselves while he recovers at the local vat clinic.

Rockerboys & Vending Machines is a cyberpunk hack of John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings. Create a team of operatives and get involved in crazy cyberpunk adventures.

Where Did This Crazy Name Come From?

Over at the Misdirected Mark podcast we were having a debate on some of the best Bards in RPG’s, and Phil proposed that the Rockerboy from Cyberpunk 2020 was one of the best Bards — and then took much flack from listeners about it, but he never wavered in his belief. Around the same time, Phil and Chris were developing a cyberpunk Fate toolkit. In the chapter on hacking, Phil wrote an example of hacking a Vending Machine, which Chris found ridiculous, but Phil is kind of stubborn and never wavered. Then one of the listeners of the Misdirected Mark podcast said that the cyberpunk toolkit needed to be named Rockerboys & Vending Machines, and thus the name was born. Sadly, the cyberpunk toolkit project was scrapped, but the name remained — waiting for a game to come along…

Why Hack Such A Great Game?

We are huge fans of Lasers & Feelings, and we blame the girls at She’s A Super Geek for teaching us the game. And while Phil loves space adventures, his true love is the chrome and neon world of cyberpunk. Then one day, trapped in a computer data center performing tests, he was struck with inspiration and began writing.

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Want some extra stuff! Heck yeah you do! Well here you go!

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