The fools of the Order of Magistratus Arcanum have locked me in this tower, thinking their little wards and sigils are holding me in! Their magic is as inconsequential to me as mosquito netting is to a dragon. But they amuse me, with their preening and prancing around like officious little ants. If they only knew how thoroughly I could squash them, they would run in terror.

But I’m sorry, where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself. I am, apparently, the Mad Wizard. For that is what I am called now. ‘Tis true I am a wizard, but mad? Sanity, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. So I’ll leave any judgement about my mental acuity to the various beholders out there. Uh oh, I am not supposed to talk about that, my court-appointed solicitor tells me.

I am here because this is exactly where I choose to be. I have traveled the realms, the worlds, and all the planes of existence. I have been to dimensions unimagined by even the most ale-addled visionaries. I know of things unknowable, can describe things indescribable, and will speak of the unspeakable. In my travels I have encountered beasts large and small, creatures of glorious ferocity and subtle beauty. I see the ebb and flow of intradimensional powers, and I know of great strife coming to all worlds.

As I observe all this and contemplate my plans, I have deemed it the appropriate time to write of my journeys and talk of my experiences. The Order is full of questions, so I shall give them answers. I will call my writings The Mad Wizard’s Menagerie as a nod to the Order’s narrow-minded views and ridiculous policies. In my notes I will tell about the creatures I have seen, fought, admired, or killed in my travels. I will sketch them as well, for pictures are as powerful as portals for the limited mind.


Let’s start with the Pyrowight…

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