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The Five Temple Of The Earth Mother Part 1: Life and Moon

System: Dungeons and Dragon’s Fifth Edition

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One of the first adventure paths created for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, Encoded Designs worked to create a unique and quality offering to put on the newly launched DM’s Guild. From the description:

Welcome to Alaron and the quest to re-awaken the temples of an ancient god…

The Five Temples of the Earthmother is a series of short adventures for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. Broken into chapters, which take place on the Island of Alaron in the Moonshae Isles of the Forgotten Realms, each chapter in the series details a different adventure site. Each site is a lost temple dedicated to the Earthmother, the force representing the primal essence of nature and life, a revered force in the Moonshaes.

Built for characters levels 1-3 and featuring:

    • Nine New Monsters
    • Two New Magic Items
    • Original maps for each area
    • 12 hours of gameplay for your table
    • 21 pages of new content


Life and Moon is the first in The Five Temples of the Earthmother series, and will continue with ‘Beast And Shipwreck,’ coming to The DMs Guild in 2016 from Encoded Designs.


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