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Elhal World Setting

System: Fate/Dungeon World

A World Shattered

Elhal is a shattered world. For a thousand years, an Empire ruled over four kingdoms, bringing with it peace, prosperity, and progress. Then the Demon King awoke. In 5 years he sundered the Empire and enslaved its people. For the next 50 years, the Demons ruled Elhal. They outlawed religion and education, and enslaved humanity to serve as raw materials for the great Demon Forges.

From the tatters of the last ruling families arose a new generation, one raised to be Elhal’s new hope. They are now known as the Great Heroes. With the blessing of the All-Father, and plans set by the fallen kings, the Great Heroes rose up. They founded a new kingdom, raised an army, and waged war against the demons. In the end, the Great Heroes killed the Demon King.

In the aftermath of the death of the Demon King, new heroes are needed. Those who can bring hope, heal wounds, and defend humanity from all threats outside and within.

What Is This Game About?

  • Elhal is about hope. It is hard for those who were alive before the Fall to remember the glory of the Empire. For those born during the Fall, the Empire is just a dream. It is easy to believe that life after the death of the Demon King is as good as it can get. This is not true. A better life is possible, but it won’t happen unless people believe that it is possible. Hope gives the people the power to want more, to make things better.
  • Elhal is about faith. This is not the first bleak time for humanity. The first dark time was during The Eon War, where humanity was on the brink of destruction. The war ended when the All Father appeared and banished the Titans. During the reign of the Demons, worship of the All-Father was outlawed, and people had all but given up on his divine love. Then the Great Heroes appeared with diving blessing to destroy the Demon King. Now the embers of faith need to be re-kindled into a burning passion. The people need to believe once again, and collective voices need to once more call out to the All Father and be heard once again.
  • Elhal is about steel. Magic is rare, dangerous, and unreliable. Steel is strength. It can be shaped into armor and weapons. Steel can break through the Demons’ armor. Steel makes the weak strong and the timid brave. Those who master steel become legends.
  • Elhal is about brotherhood. The world of Elhal is dangerous. A person is not expected to face it alone. Rather, true strength comes from putting your trust in others and having them put their trust in you. Demons do not understand trust or loyalty, they only know obedience, and Fiends rule with fear and power. This is how they will be undone.
  • Elhal is about being heroes. It is about transcending the human desire to dominate and to embrace freedom and justice. It is about standing up to vast and inhuman armies and refusing to kneel, refusing to obey, and refusing to give up the fight. It is about being an icon for the people, to embody hope, to inspire, and to lead.

The fate of Elhal will be shaped by the great heroes.

Be a hero.

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