Ready For The World Ender?

The Tarrasque, the unkillable challenge. Do you have what it takes to fight the monster? Do you have what it takes to run the tarrasque?

How do you begin to tackle something so epic, so incredible? What do you do if your players are ready for it? That’s where The Book of the Tarrasque comes in!

Written by multiple ENnie award winning author John Arcadian (Gnome Stew, Engine Publishing, Cubicle 7) and based on multiple play experiences running the tarrasque at conventions and in campaigns, Book of the Tarrasque has all the information you need to run the World Ender with confidence!

 With The Book of the Tarrasque, you have all the help and information you need to throw an epic and fun challenge at your players that will be talked about for years!



75+ pages of advice, rules, handouts, history, paper miniatures, and adventure. Plus an interactive handouts packet that lets you make your own paper miniature, print maps, log the epic game, organize optional rules, and more!

What’s In The Book?


  • A fully fleshed out advice section guided by real world experiences
  • New 5e rules that restore elements from previous editions (like regeneration and trample attacks) and add new options to challenge any group, no matter how powerful or prepared
  • An in-depth look at multiple tactics brought to the table, as well as an in-depth look at the utility of many magic items


  • The most complete history anywhere of the tarrasque in mythology, D&D history, other game systems, and even where it is an easter egg in other media
  • A foreword by Ed Greenwood


  • A robust set of handouts, recompiled stat sheets, paper miniatures, game logs, and large format scaled maps
  • Interactive handouts for logging games, using optional rules, creating your own miniatures, and more


  • Plot hooks and advice for incorporating the tarrasque into your game
  • A complete adventure to challenge 15th through 20th level characters and bring them against the tarrasque. Written by ENnie award winning writer Chris Sniezak (Misdirected Mark, Gnome Stew, Dracula Dossier)
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See what people have to say about The Book Of The Tarrasque

Thank the gods that a great designer has souped-up gaming’s most famous kaiju. The lore and crunch contained within this tome redfine this sack of hit points as a being to build entire campaigns around.
– James Introcaso, Don’t Split The Podcast Network

On using the tarrasque: I never did because I wasn’t sure how the frack to use it, really. I read it and went oh my god that thing is just death on wheels, holy cow it’s just a mindless horrible killing machine… After perusing the overview Encoded Designs gave me, I want to run a ********* Tarrasque game.
– Brett Bloczyinski, Gaming and BS episode 125

Want to have a lot of fun with a tarrasque? Read this book!
– Ed Greenwood, Forgotten Realms

Check out what Matt Mercer and

Critical Role have to say about it

This book is the best, and easiest, way to fight the often discussed, but rarely used Tarrasque. Simply put, you need this book!
— Neal Powell, Dungeon Master’s Block Podcast

This was one of the most exciting and challenging scenarios I’ve every played in. An epic battle that kept the entire party engaged, planning, scheming, and in the end cheering.
— Tom Flanagan, Knights of the Night AP

Whether you’re fighting the Tarrasque, fleeing it, or maniacally laughing as you reveal it from behind your GM screen, buy The Book of the Tarrasque. Author John Arcadian has finally crafted a tome worthy of the beast’s terrible countenance.
J.M. Perkins – Author of the Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting
(If you are looking for something to do after killing the tarrasque, check it out.)

Wow, that history is impressively complete.
– Shannon Appelcline, Designers and Dragons

Forget about defeating the Tarrasque — just running it is a major challenge for a DM. The Book of the Tarrasque helps turn epic prep into easy prep.
— Wolfgang Baur, Kobold Press

John Arcadian’s The Book Of The Tarrasque looks fabulous!
– Bruce Cordell, D&D Designer, The Strange

The Tarrasque is one of my favorite monsters that I’ve never used in a game. I like the story elements it brings, but managing the mechanics is daunting. The Book of the Tarrasque delivers more than just practical advice. It delivers confidence, which is one of the most important things a GM needs.
– The Caleb G, The RPG Academy

These guys have finally given the Tarrasque some teeth!
– Mike Shea, Sly Flourish

Pictures of games run using the Book of the Tarrasque

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