The Big Book of Conspiracies

 – 30 Treasonous Paranoia Plots-

You have six lives, you carry a blaster, and you better not set foot outside the red corridor. Oh, and your teammates are probably trying to kill you.


The Big Book of Conspiracies, 30 Treasonous Paranoia Plots provides 30 plot outlines hilarious and lethal adventures for your group of Troubleshooters. Its 65 fully featured pages pick apart what makes a great Paranoia Plot and teaches you how to create Paranoia adventures using only the headlines of your local newspaper.

Written by Garrett Crowe and given the blessing of Friend Computer, 30 Treasonous Paranoia Plots will have you onto your second clone with minimal prep! Keep your blaster handy. Play more Paranoia, and drop some treasonous plots on your troubleshooters!

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