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The Encoded Designs Team

You_can_have_everything_in_life_you_want__if_you_will_just_help_other_people_get_what_they_want____Zig_ZiglarThe Encoded Designs Team

When I started Encoded Designs, it was with the intent to publish a role playing game; Elhal. It was a dream I have had for the past few years, after I initially created Elhal as a homebrew world. Along the way I received encouragement from a number of friends, and after writing several books and doing a few freelance projects, I figured I had reached the point where I was ready to take the next step.

And then something awesome happened. Some of those friends who gave me the initial encouragement started to do more. They wanted to help. They had their own skills and experiences in design, writing, and editing which they were willing to contribute.

It was with this group of friends that I created Dangerous Space Jail. DJS was an experiment to discover what working with friends would be like, and to see if we all had the resolve to take an idea and turn it into something we could share with the gaming community. The experiment went well, and while the work was not always easy, we enjoyed it and wanted to do more.

Over the past few weeks, with DSJ released and a freelance project completed, I started to think more about Elhal. I was excited to start work again on the game and its Fate rules. As I was thinking about it, I realized that while I have very supportive friends, Elhal was my dream. I wanted to put it out and I wanted to work with these great people, but I did not have anything to give them in return; perhaps someday if Elhal becomes a success.

It was then I came upon a thought. I had Elhal, and my friends had their own dreams; things they wanted to create. I thought that together we could support each other, and use our combined talents to help one another achieve our goals. Each of us could take our pet project and develop it under Encoded Designs, and tap into our combined talents and resources. I talked to the group and they were all receptive.

So today, I can announce that Encoded Designs is now a team. The team is Myself, Chris Sniezak, Sean Merwin, and Robert M. Everson. You can find out details about all of us on the About Us page.

What We Can Do For You?

With our combined talents, Encoded Designs can now provide the following services for the Freelance Projects we work on:

  • Layout-Ready Manuscripts – We can design, write, edit (copy & content), and proofread our manuscripts, delivering to you text that is ready to be laid out for your project.
  • Text & Layout Projects – We can design, write, edit (copy & content), and proofread our manuscript, and then combine that with artwork you provide to create a fully laid out project.
  • Full Publication – Including the work above, we can have access to a great freelance Art Director who can acquire artists and artwork, allowing us to create the full project for you.

If you are interested, you can contact us here as well as on all social media.

What Are We Doing For Ourselves?

When we are not working on Freelance projects we will start to apply our design process to our pet projects. Each pet project will be created using our design process and managed as a project. In the next few weeks, we will talk more about those pet projects, letting you know what they are, and how we are developing them.


Phil Vecchione

Game Designer, Project Manager, Writer, Podcaster, and Blogger — As a man of many hats, Phil has been working in the roleplaying game industry since 2009 working with Engine Publishing, Evil Beagle Games, Third Eye Games, and Pelgrane Games. His work has won or been nominated for a number of awards, including the ENnie, Golden Geek, and Origins Award. Phil is also a trained Project Manager and applies his mad Gantt Charting skills to all of Encoded’s work.

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