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Welcome readers! My name is Tyriv Riswor. I am the Headmaster of the University of Olmkala and personal Sage to King Arion. I was educated at the Imperial Academy and was given a position at the University of Inkala at the age of 21. I remained in tenure at Inkala until it fell to the Demon King. During the rule of the Demon King, I went into hiding, traveling around Elhal, and archiving its history and knowledge. When the Demon King was vanquished, I found a new position at the University of Olmkala, helping to build a new institution in the spirit of the great universities of the Imperial Age.

This archive contains my writings about the history and culture of Elhal that I collected from my various travels. The latest writings are on the top, and the oldest on the bottom.

The Formation of the Empire


Greetings, students. In this lecture we continue our discussion about the Four Kingdoms and what lead to the formation of the Empire. It has been just short of 50 years since the Fall of the Empire, but it still remains one of the greatest achievements we humans have ever created. For over 1000 years the Empire ruled Elhal, and with it brought forth prosperity to all its citizens. It was just one of two paths...

The Four Kingdoms


Greetings fellow scholars. In the past several essay’s, we looked at the formation of the Church of the All Father, and how it spread throughout Elhal to form the predominant religion of the land. In this lecture, we are going to look at the formation of the four major kingdoms of Elhal, how they formed, and the influence the Church had upon them. The Four Kingdoms In the first lecture, I discussed the geography of Elhal, but...

The Defenders


Once again we come together, continuing our series of lectures on the early history of Elhal. In this lesson we learn about the Defenders and how they enabled the Church of the All-Father to spread throughout Elhal. In our last lecture, I discussed the two gifts of the All-Father: the Seal of Ceredome, the divine blessing which protected the home of the Church from all attacks; and the Kiv’uli, the living shadow guardians who watch over us...

Two Gifts


Once again we meet to discuss the history of Elhal. Today’s lecture focuses on the early days of the Church of the All-Father, and how two gifts from the All-Father would allow the Church to spread throughout Elhal. In our last lecture, we talked about the formation of the Church of the All-Father. I explained how Jaalom, the First Believer, united the people under one central religion. I spoke of how the Church made it's highest priority...

The Church of the All-Father

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Welcome again, students. Today’s lecture is an overview of the formation of the Church of the All-Father. This lecture is an introduction to this period of history, and provides the necessary foundation for us to have a deeper discussion at a later date. In our last lesson we talked about the worship of the Titan, Humanis, and then the arrival of the All-Father. We talked about the First Believer, Jaalom and how the All-Father came to the...

The First Believer

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Welcome again, scholars, to our next lecture. Today I will continue from our previous lecture on Cosmology and Ancient History, and talk about the Church of the All-Father. I will discuss the time after the Eon War, the rise of the religion of Humanis, and the Origin of the Church of the All-Father. Post-War Elhal After the All-Father ended the Eon War, humanity began to thrive throughout the continent of Elhal. Humans believed that they had the...

Cosmology and Ancient History


Welcome reader and scholar. Today’s lesson is about where we Humans came from. This will be important for us to understand our history, as well as the challenges of the present. Much of what we will discuss today is less history and more theology, but when there are historical facts, I will note them for the reader. The All-Father First, in all of existence, is the All-Father. What is less clear is if the All-Father is a...

Tyriv’s Teachings – Introduction

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Welcome readers! My name is Tyriv Riswor. I am the Headmaster of the the University of Olmkala, and personal Sage to King Arion. My own education came from the Imperial Academy, where I was a scholar of humanities, graduating with the highest honors. After the Empire fell, and the Demons were eradicating all vestiges of eduction, I went into hiding. I spent the years of the Demon King wandering throughout Elhal, living among different cultures, and...