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The Darkness and The Light


I want to take today’s lecture to discuss two unconnected events which happened during the Fall of the Empire and the Rise of the Demon King. Where our past lectures have been in chronological order, today’s stories fit into the timeline we have established thus far. Today we are going to talk about how the lands of Arelean became known as the Demon Lands, and the fate of Ceradome. The Darkness Let us start with the land...

Two Gifts


Once again we meet to discuss the history of Elhal. Today’s lecture focuses on the early days of the Church of the All-Father, and how two gifts from the All-Father would allow the Church to spread throughout Elhal. In our last lecture, we talked about the formation of the Church of the All-Father. I explained how Jaalom, the First Believer, united the people under one central religion. I spoke of how the Church made it's highest priority...