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The Four Kingdoms


Greetings fellow scholars. In the past several essay’s, we looked at the formation of the Church of the All Father, and how it spread throughout Elhal to form the predominant religion of the land. In this lecture, we are going to look at the formation of the four major kingdoms of Elhal, how they formed, and the influence the Church had upon them. The Four Kingdoms In the first lecture, I discussed the geography of Elhal, but...

The First Believer

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Welcome again, scholars, to our next lecture. Today I will continue from our previous lecture on Cosmology and Ancient History, and talk about the Church of the All-Father. I will discuss the time after the Eon War, the rise of the religion of Humanis, and the Origin of the Church of the All-Father. Post-War Elhal After the All-Father ended the Eon War, humanity began to thrive throughout the continent of Elhal. Humans believed that they had the...

Cosmology and Ancient History


Welcome reader and scholar. Today’s lesson is about where we Humans came from. This will be important for us to understand our history, as well as the challenges of the present. Much of what we will discuss today is less history and more theology, but when there are historical facts, I will note them for the reader. The All-Father First, in all of existence, is the All-Father. What is less clear is if the All-Father is a...