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Q1 2016 Update


Hello and happy Spring to you all, or for those on the East Coast, second winter. Despite the cold, snow, and overcast skies, there is much to be happy about here at the Encoded offices. We had our second anniversary in February. This quarter was a busy one for us, with some unplanned work coming up that we will talk about below. That unplanned work knocked some of our Q1 and Q2 plans aside, and...

Q4 2015 Update


Another three months have passed, and 2015 has drawn to a close. We are getting close to our 2nd anniversary, next month. This quarter has been a busy one for the Encoded team, as the past several have been. With the transformation from writers and designers to publishers, our planning for 2016 looks to make it a big year for us. Before we look forward, let’s look back at Q4. Publications Character Cache The Character Cache is going well. We have cleared...

Character Cache is Coming!


September 15, 2015 - Encoded Designs is teaming up with artist Matt Morrow to create the Character Cache, the blending of character art and game material for GMs and players. As a GM you will be able to use the Character Cache as a collection of NPCs. The content includes different ways the character can be used in your campaign. If you are a player, the content supplies an illustration of the character, and provides questions to...