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Action Economy, Economy of Fiction, and Latency


So I was kicking around some ideas, and I came across this one and felt the need to share it with you folks out in reader land. A lot of Eurogames, ala Splendor, Ticket to Ride, and Dominion, have the limiting of choice, or an action economy, as part of the game play. D&D and Pathfinder have action economies in their combat systems that limit what you can do on a turn. Savage Worlds limits...

Q2 Update


We are now a few weeks into Quarter 3 of 2015, and I wanted to updated everyone on what Encoded has been doing and how things are going. While we are still building our team and our products, this past Quarter marks our first major project going out the door. The most exciting news we have this Quarter is the addition of a new member to the Encoded Team, Tim Jones. Tim is a graphic artist...

Game Design: Cybertek – Game Creation


Hi folks. So I'm a big believer in game creation mechanics. From the Dresden Files City creation, which is stripped down to game creation in Fate Core by Evil Hat, to Spark by Genesis of Legend Publishing, to Microscope by Lame Mage Productions with it's things included and excluded from the game. I put territory creation as a cooperative experience in Part-Time Gods of Fate so of course I dropped it in our initial design...

The Joys of Editing


This past weekend the Encoded Designs team finished the manuscript for our Fate version of the Third Eye Games RPG Part-Time Gods. (The Kickstarter for Part-Time Gods of Fate continues apace.) The final push included a fairly intense round of editing and proofreading by the entire staff, with a particular weight of that falling on Encoded’s own Bob “THE EYES” Everson. The proofing round just completed got me thinking about editing in general. One of the...

The Uneasy Truce


In today’s lecture we return to the discussion of our history, and we look at the early reign of the Demon King. We will start by looking at how each of the human kingdoms dealt with the Demon Kingdom, and then how one human kingdom was moved to action. This was a trying time where the fate of humanity was uncertain. The Early Reign By 1024, after the crushing defeat at Nendar Moor, the military might of the...

Game Design: Cybertek – Scrum and Resources


I'm still evolving my little part of the Encoded Designs blog space and since I do enjoy talking about design and why I'm making the choices I'm making I thought I'd share a bit about the newest design we're working on. So we're making a new game called Cybertek which is using a new design process, something I guess programmers call Scrum, you can read more about it here. Anyways it's supposed to be an agile, incremental, and iterative...

The Brotherhood of Steel


Today, we talk about one of the more controversial factions who were present during the Reign of the Demon King: the Brotherhood of Steel. To some they were a band of vigilantes, exacting a harsh justice in the lands outside of the control of the Demons. To others, they were a noble line of soldiers who refused to lay down their arms and give in to the Demon King. As with all contrasting views, the truth...

The Curved Daggers


Welcome back, students. We have recently completed our review of the castes of Demons. Before that, we discussed Elhal’s ancient history, the rise of the Empire, and its Fall to the Demons. Before we get into the next major era, The Reign and Fall of the Demon King, I want to spend the next few lectures discussing the major groups and institutions which will play a pivotal role during the Reign of the Demon King...



I'm reading the War of Art by Steven Pressfield, and within this marvelous book for creatives is the idea of resistance. Resistance is those things that keep us from doing the creative work which makes us who we are. There's about 40ish pages of what resistance is, how it effects us, and how it hinders us. The worst part is it's all self inflicted. I'd overcome some of the aspects of resistance that hinder me but there were...

Designing Games One


Here at Encoded Designs we've been designing a Fate version of Part Time Gods, a Third Eye Games IP that I'm quite fond of. For those who don't know, you're playing regular people who've been gifted with a divine spark and now they need to balance the problems and responsibilities of the divine world they find themselves in against their human ones. When we were conceptualizing this game the thing I wanted was to make "godly magic"...