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The Mad Wizard’s Menagerie

System: 5e Game Supplement

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The mad wizard has been locked away by the Order of Magistratus Arcanum, but he’s keeping busy…

“I am here because this is exactly where I choose to be. I have traveled the realms, the worlds, and all the planes of existence. I have been to dimensions unimagined by even the most ale-addled visionaries. I know of things unknowable, can describe things indescribable, and will speak of the unspeakable. In my travels I have encountered beasts large and small, creatures of glorious ferocity and subtle beauty. I see the ebb and flow of intradimensional powers, and I know of great strife coming to all worlds. – The Mad Wizard


Replacing the Character Cache as Encoded Design’s patreon, the Mad Wizards menagerie is a series of 5e monsters, lore, and eventually adventures and modules (if the patreon gets high enough). Presented with an in-world style by the Mad Wizard, the Menagerie has incredible art by Mat Morrow, writing by Shawn Merwin, and layout by Chris Sniezak.

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