Freelance Game Design

fpimagesmallWe at Encoded Designs love working with publishers and other game designers to create materials for their games and settings. When we freelance, we understand the need for our designs to fit into your games and settings, while still creating something unique and playable. Our understanding of and commitment to planning and project management assures you can depend on us to deliver promptly, keeping your publication schedules on time.

What We Can Bring To Your Project

Our team has decades of experience playing a wide variety of roleplaying games from the most popular RPG to the small “indie” games. We have experience in:

  • Adventure writing – which can be played by home groups and for organized play.
  • Supplements writing – helping to extend existing product lines, as well as system-neutral tools to make gaming easier.
  • GMing Advice – system-neutral advice to help GMs organize their games and inspire plots and NPC’s
  • Editing – for roleplaying products as well as fiction.
  • Layout  – for digital publication.
  • Proofreading – the final line of defense before a product goes to press.

What We Can Do For You

With our combined talents, Encoded Designs can now provide the following services for the Freelance Projects we work on:

  • Layout-Ready Manuscripts – We can design, write, edit (copy & content), and proofread our manuscripts, delivering to you text that is ready to be laid out for your project.
  • Text & Layout Projects – We can design, write, edit (copy & content), and proofread our manuscript, and then combine that with artwork you provide to create a fully laid out project.
  • Full Publication – Including the work above, we can have access to a great freelance Art Director who can acquire artists and artwork, allowing us to create the full project for you.

To see what we have worked on in the past, you can see Our Products.

How We Can Help You

Let Encoded Designs help you grow your product line. Our services can help you grow in the following ways:

  • Kickstarter Stretch Goals –  Let us work with you to create a stretch goal for your upcoming Kickstarter. We can create a whole supplement or deliver to you a layout-ready manuscript allowing you to fulfill your goals to your backers in a timely manner.
  • Adventures – We can create adventures for your product line for use at conventions, organized play, or for at-home use. We can create one-shots or linked story arcs.
  • PDF-Supplements – Have a wish list of supplements you no longer have the time to get written? Allow us to help grow your catalog by creating those supplements for you.
  • GMing Section – You want to have a robust GMing section of your core book, but are not sure what to include, let us write for you advice that will empower readers to run you game.

If you would like to talk to us about freelance work, please reach us at our Contact Page.