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NttG#3 – Fear

Hi folks.

Today I want to talk a bit about Fear. When I make something, it’s mine. I created it, crafted it, and now it exists in the world by my own hands, and hell yeah, I’m afraid to show it off. Heck, sometimes I have the thing in my head and I’m afraid to let it out because I’m afraid it’ll suck. You know what the truth is. It doesn’t matter. It can suck. I’ve sucked. This might suck as far as the writing goes but the important thing is it’s done and was with my own hand. Maybe I had some help from an editor to clean it up, cause that’s what editors are for (Thanks Bob). Anyways, I’m always afraid when I make something, but I don’t let the fear keep me from doing it. I don’t let the excuses, and the time, and whatever else might get in the way stop me. I just do it and if it sucks I’m sure someone else will tell me. Don’t worry. There are ton’s of people out there who will want to tear you down. You just need to sort through the crap, figure out what is constructive to your craft, what’s garbage, and improve. Yes, it’s hard work. You’re going to be better at some things than others, but don’t let that stop you. More importantly, once you’ve created the thing you need to share it with others, damn the world, and if you want to be recognized for your craft, good or bad, you need to do it over and over again. The crazy part is if you do just get to it every day, learn a little more every day, and show it, you’ll get a lot better in a short time. So don’t be afraid. Call it excuses, time management, whatever, if you want to write, go write and share it.

Christopher Sniezak

Christopher Sniezak

Since 2011, Chris has written and designed for games like Fate, Gumshoe (Dracula Dossier), Numenera (Tales from the Mechanical Bard), and D&D (Living Forgotten Realms scenarios). As a podcaster, he’s been the host, producer, and audio engineer of The Misdirected Mark Podcast, Down with D&D, and Geekin Out. In his spare time he loves listening to audiobooks and podcasts, playing board games, and watching or reading anything superhero related.

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