Ragnarok is upon us as the metal giants of the Dwarves have risen from the depths to lay waste to all of Midgard. Will you take up axe, rune, or the bones of a dead giant to defend your holdfast, or run away and live out your remaining days in disgrace?

Discover your fate in Iron Edda Accelerated on Kickstarter now!

Iron Edda Accelerated is a game of epic Norse mythological action and intrigue. It uses a modified version of Fate Accelerated. Here are a few of the different things you’ll find in the game:

Holdfast Creation

Answer a number of randomized questions to create problems for your holdfast as you draw out the important places within and around your home, creating a map for your game.


Instead of the open ended character creation of Fate Accelerated, Iron Edda Accelerated has archetypes with built in abilities and stunts to help create a more focused play experience and bring the mythology of Iron Edda to the forefront.


Being gigantic or having heroic abilities matters quite a bit in Iron Edda Accelerated. These rules give characters working at different sizes and heroic levels advantages over their less epic opponents and obstacles.


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Thank you for reading and may you find yourself in the halls of Valhalla on the day you die in glorious battle.