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Articles & News

Encoded Designs To Publish Expanded & Revised Iron Edda RPG


August 4, 2017— BUFFALO, NY: Encoded Designs announced today that it has signed a licensing agreement with Tracy Barnett to publish a revised and expanded edition of his Fate-based tabletop RPG, Iron Edda. “This is a great opportunity for both Tracy and Encoded Designs,” said Encoded Designs President Phil Veccione. “Iron Edda is a unique campaign setting that combines Norse myth with epic action through the Fate system. It's Pacific Rim meets Vikings with a dash...

Vote For Focal Point


I don’t normally put the full court press on people when the ENnies voting comes around. Normally, my annual advice is “Please go vote, and if you vote for something I worked on, great.” This year I am going to be more direct. Please vote for Focal Point in the Best RPG Related Product Category. Here’s why… Focal Point is the final book in an accidental trilogy of books that became the Complete Game Master’s Series. It started...

Q1 2016 Update


Hello and happy Spring to you all, or for those on the East Coast, second winter. Despite the cold, snow, and overcast skies, there is much to be happy about here at the Encoded offices. We had our second anniversary in February. This quarter was a busy one for us, with some unplanned work coming up that we will talk about below. That unplanned work knocked some of our Q1 and Q2 plans aside, and...

Character Cache Version 2!


Encoded Designs (designers of Part-Time Gods of Fate, Life and Moon, and Dangerous Space Jail) have teamed up with artist Matt Morrow to create the Character Cache, a collection of characters designed to be used in tabletop RPG gaming. This effort is being supported via a Patreon community. We have recently updated the campaign and are once again looking for supporters. In the new version of the Character Cache, we have expanded the community input, allowing...

The DMs Guild and You!

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Brains crave stories. Some brains want fantasy, some want dramas, or romances, or comedies. Some brains prefer stories delivered as novels or short stories, but just as many enjoy TV or movies or plays or musicals, or video games, or songs, or just hearing people talk. My brain is no different. It wants to hear stories constantly, and it wants to tell stories, and through those stories it hopes to understand actions, emotions, and the...

Q4 2015 Update


Another three months have passed, and 2015 has drawn to a close. We are getting close to our 2nd anniversary, next month. This quarter has been a busy one for the Encoded team, as the past several have been. With the transformation from writers and designers to publishers, our planning for 2016 looks to make it a big year for us. Before we look forward, let’s look back at Q4. Publications Character Cache The Character Cache is going well. We have cleared...

The Geography Of Elhal


Elhal is made up of four kingdoms and the wasteland known as the Demon Lands. Each kingdom has its own unique geographical and cultural features which have an influence on those who were born and raised there. Below is a summary of each of the kingdoms and their major regions: [caption id="attachment_133" align="alignleft" width="640"] Map drawn by Drew Smith, Annotations by Chris Sniezak[/caption] Vaasari Known as the Glacier Lands, the majority of the population lives on the Great...

Q3 2015 Update


Wow…three months goes by quickly. It’s time again to look at how Encoded is doing, what we are up to, and things that are coming in the near future. In terms of the team we have not grown, nor are we planning any future growth at this time. With the current team, we have all the skills we need to design, write, and create books and other publications. When I started Encoded, I never thought that...

The Great Heroes of Elhal


Welcome, students. Up to today, we have covered three major periods of the history of Elhal. They are not equal in number of years, but rather are grouped out of significance. The first time period was Before the Empire, when Elhal went from an unorganized group of humans into Kingdoms, and ending with the formation of the Empire. The second period was the Imperial Age, where the Empire ruled over Elhal. It was in retrospect a...

Character Cache is Coming!


September 15, 2015 - Encoded Designs is teaming up with artist Matt Morrow to create the Character Cache, the blending of character art and game material for GMs and players. As a GM you will be able to use the Character Cache as a collection of NPCs. The content includes different ways the character can be used in your campaign. If you are a player, the content supplies an illustration of the character, and provides questions to...