You have six lives, you carry a blaster, and
you better not set foot outside the red corridor.
Oh, and your teammates are probably trying
to kill you.


Are you ready to face the troubles of Neon City?
Grab your Keytar and get ready to rock in this
free cyberpunk hack of Lasers and Feelings!


The Tarrasque Awakens!

Do you have what it takes to take down
the terrifying Tarrasque? Do you what it
takes to run the epic unkillabe monster?
Find out with The Book of the Tarrasque!


So here’s the short of it…we fucked up.
Corporations own water and now we have
to steal it back. Hacker, Diviner, Plumber, Watch?
Can you keep your neighborhood alive?


A Patreon for CC Licensed Characters



Listen to Phil and Chris
talk gaming, Encoded
updates, and general

Live on Tuesdays at 8:45 pm est.


A Podcast With a CR 3 Rating

Come get down with Shawn & Chris
as they dish on everything D&D
on Itunes or the Misdirected Mark Podcast.

Welcome to Encoded Designs, a collective of game-loving geeks who want to make awesome things for everyone to play.


Encoded Designs is a publisher and game design house specializing in tabletop role-playing games and board games. The partners are able to provide writing, editing, graphic design, and art direction both in-house and for other game companies. Our process focuses on collaboration, playability, and quality. We bring decades of Game Mastering and years of RPG Industry experience together in all of our creations.

Encoded Designs has produced multiple products, some in-house and some in conjunction with other companies. We specialize in delivering full publication services in-house with writers, developers, editors, proof-readers, graphic designers, and art-directors on board to handle any project. Encoded Designs passion is making games – its in our DNA.

Latest Articles

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    Buffalo, NY – August 15, 2017 – Encoded Designs, a tabletop game publishing company, announced today that it has signed a licensing agreement with...

  • Encoded Designs To Publish Expanded & Revised Iron Edda RPG

    August 4, 2017— BUFFALO, NY: Encoded Designs announced today that it has signed a licensing agreement with Tracy Barnett to publish a revised and ex...

  • Vote For Focal Point

    I don’t normally put the full court press on people when the ENnies voting comes around. Normally, my annual advice is “Please go vote, and if you...

  • Q1 2016 Update

    Hello and happy Spring to you all, or for those on the East Coast, second winter. Despite the cold, snow, and overcast skies, there is much to be happ...

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